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Your property assets are in the right hands with Gross Waddell. Our Property Management team operates to the highest of service delivery standards and is committed to preserving and improving the value of our client’s assets

Gross Waddell is your strongest advocate in all negotiations, backed by the latest industry knowledge and legislative requirements, we ensure maximum safety, presentation and value is retained at all times.

You are our first priority

You are our first priority

You are our first priority. The key benefit of working with Gross Waddell is you are not competing against hundreds of other properties to get our attention. Our company adapts to you and we grow around your needs.

Stability & Understanding

Stability & Understanding

We take pride in having a complete knowledge of your property and its history. Stability in staff means you can feel comfortable dealing with our consistent Property Management Team.

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Melbourne VIC 3000

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For more information - 
talk to Gross Waddell

For more information –
talk to Gross Waddell

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